U15 AAA/AA Tryouts

Tryout Registration for the 2023-2024 Season will open online April 15, 2023.

Early Bird Tryout Fee – April 15 to June 30, 2023 – $TBA
Tryout Fee – July 1 – $TBA

All players (2006-2012) that did not play on a SSAC team last season may need to be first transferred to SSAC in order to register. If the player shows as available you can go ahead and register.
Any players that do not show as available,  please email registrar@ssac.hockey with the player name and date of birth so that a transfer to SSAC for tryouts can be arranged.

Quick Instructions:

Step 1 – If not already in place, please create a family account at Spordle My Account in the parents name.

Step 2  Add family players to the parents Spordle My Account under the Link a Member section by searching members/participants by name and date of birth.

Step 3  Once account created and members added, register the player online using the link on the Spordle Dashboard or using the Hockey Canada link if no longer in Spordle. PLEASE NOTE: If you have not tried out for SSAC before or the system advises that there is no registration option for your player, please email registrar@ssac.hockey

Step 4 Pay applicable tryout fee online by Visa or Mastercard or by E-Transfer.

Step 5 – Electronically sign and submit the SSAC Player and Parent Code of Conduct and SSAC Hockey Edmonton – Fair Play Pledge.

Step 6 If you have not tried out for SSAC before, please upload a copy of birth certificate or passport to your Spordle Account or email to SSAC Registrar. 

Step 7 If you have not tried out for SSAC before or have moved since last season, please complete the Hockey Alberta Parent Declaration Form. Please enter the registrar email in the Minor Hockey Association Submission section. Upon completion, it can be uploaded directly to your Spordle Account or emailed to SSAC Registrar.

*  The tryout fee is based on the date all documentation is received (online registration, conduct forms, age/address verification, and payment).

U15 AAA/AA Teams

The Club is currently comprised of 1 U15 AAA teams and 3 U15 AA team. At U15 AAA, the newly formed Alberta Elite Hockey League (AEHL), previously AMBHL,  it is expected that the team composition will primarily be 14 year-olds while U15 AA teams, NAHL, should be comprised of 13 and 14 year-olds. Any U13 age player trying out must make a special application to the Hockey Edmonton Registrar. Underage players must be evaluated as being in the top one-third of the U15 AAA team or return to the Federation Program.

U15 AAA/AA Tryouts – Week 1

U15 AAA/AA tryouts begin the end of August. You will receive an email approximately one week before the first ice time.

U15 AAA/AA players will be divided randomly into groups considering the player’s preferred tryout position as declared on the application form. All 13 and 14 year-olds will be initially grouped together, with both age categories observed and evaluated by the coaching staff of the U15 AAA and 3 U15 AA teams and by the corresponding Category Directors as well as other members of the Hockey Operations Committee as required.

There will be a separate goalie evaluation. Goaltenders will be emailed their group and time.

An injury or illness incurred at tryout time might cause the player to lose out on an opportunity to try out with SSAC. It is at the coaches’ discretion whether an ill or injured player continues on for further evaluation. The Club is not required to hold positions open for ANY player while they heal from an illness or injury, or is trying out with another Club in the Player Movement process.

U15 AAA Group

After approximately three or four ice times, the U15 AAA coach will select up to 40 players to continue evaluating in a group separate from the remaining U15 candidates. After two or three additional skates, the U15 AAA coach will reduce the group down to no more than 34. This group will continue to try out together with numbers pared down throughout the next two weeks.

U15 AA Groups

The remaining U15 players will be re-grouped for further observation and evaluation by the coaching staff of the U15 AA teams. On the Labour Day weekend, the U15 AA coaches will conduct a draft, each selecting no more than 25 per team of the remaining 13 and 14-year-old players. With the players now separated into four evaluation camps, tryouts will continue throughout the month of September with players being let go within timelines established by the Club.

U15 Releases

At the U15 levels, rosters will be pared down to within one or two players of being “set” by the start of the SSAC Fall Tournament and be finalized shortly thereafter. If the tryouts in your district begin during this time frame, it is advisable that you communicate with your district Registrar or U15 Category Director to ensure knowledge of their tryout time lines.

All U15 age players released by all U15 coaches will return to the Federation program, or may contact our SSAC Registrar. To enter the U15AA Player Movement process to tryout for another city club U15 AA team – see Elite Council for Player Movement procedure.

U15 AAA releases can exercise up to 3 tryouts under the Alberta Development Model Player Movement process. For more step-by-step details to tryout for another U15 AAA club team, peruse the Elite Council Player Movement process. After completing Notification-to-Tryout form, contact U15 AAA league governor, Earl Reid at 780-913-5871 for permission on next team tryout.

If the tryouts in your District begin during this time frame, it is advisable that you communicate with your Association/District Registrar or U15 Category Director to ensure knowledge of their tryout times.