2023-24 Tryout Information

For details on tryout registration for each category:

U13 AA | U15 AAA / U15 AA | U16 AA / U17 AAA / U18 AA

Tryout Start Dates 2023-2024

U13 – starts Sunday, September 3

U15 – starts Sunday, August 27

U15 Tryout Calendar

U15 Tryout Groups

U16/U17/U18 – starts Monday, September 4

For further enquiries on Tryout Registration, please contact Registrar: SSAC Registrar


Registration 2023-2024 April 15  – June 30 July 1 onwards
U13 AA Tryout Fee $200 $300
U15 AA | U15 AAA | U16 AA | U17 AAA | U18 AA Tryout Fee $250 $350

Fee Terms

Between April 15 and the 1st day of tryouts, the tryout fee is refundable minus a $50 administration fee if notice is given, in writing, to the SSAC Registrar prior to the 1st day of tryouts. In U13 AA the tryout fee will cover a minimum of two ice sessions. In U15 AAA/AA, U16 AA, U17 AAA, U18 AA, the tryout fee will cover a minimum of four ice sessions. Once tryouts begin, this fee is non-refundable.

There will be no additional fee for participation in SSAC Fall Tournament – U15 AA | U15 AAA | U16 AA | U17 AAA dates to be announced. Exhibition games may be used to assist the coaching staff in reaching final selections and the players may be charged a small additional fee to defray costs of referees, ice rental, and other team expenses.

Player Evaluation

Tryout drills are the responsibility of the on-ice coaches in discussion with the off-ice coaches and Category Directors

It must be presumed by the player and the parent(s) that the Coaching staff will evaluate the player in a fair and equitable manner, keeping in mind that the criteria for selection is not only based on skill, but on team roles and player’s attitude and character. All players, parents, and coaches must conduct themselves within the expected standards outlined in the SSAC Code of Conduct and Hockey Edmonton Respect the Game.

The South Side Athletic Club leaves the evaluation of all players to the team coaching staff who are exposed to player skill and character and are prepared to evaluate the players according to their plans for the team they have been asked to manage for the hockey season. The SSAC Board members do not provide input into this process beyond “underage player” guidelines.

Player Releases

From the first week of September to the conclusion of the SSAC/pre-season tournaments, the eight team rosters will be pared down to a maximum of 17 skaters and 2 goaltenders. It should be noted, however, that player movement between SSAC teams may continue until January 10 (with the approval of the SSAC Hockey Operations Committee).

All U15 and U16/U17/U18 players released released after the first week of open tryouts will be conducted in a one-on-one interview with the coaches giving a brief explanation as to the reason(s) and providing the player with the options open to them along with applicable contact phone numbers. If a released player would like tryout for another club, please see Elite Player Movement for Waiver and Notification-of-Tryout forms at

When a player is released:

  • there may be an invitation by the coach to try out for one of the other South Side teams at the same level, or
  • continue to try out at the next lower level, or
  • request entry to the AAA Elite Player Movement or AA Model Player Movement process, go to Elite Council for step-by-step instructions and information, or
  • return to the EFHL program.

Player Selection

Our first responsibility is to develop hockey players from within the southwest area of Edmonton.

Once a player is selected to a team (mid September to early October), registration fees are due. The fees may be paid in one, two, or three installments as per Player Fees page.  The team is responsible for all team expenses including additional practice ice required over and above the allocation assigned to the team by the Club (approx. 2 practices per week).

All South Side Athletic Club teams shall declare official team rosters as per Hockey Edmonton Rules of Registration and in accordance with the timelines set out by the SSAC Board of Directors.