Sports School Policy

Sports School Policy

*** Important Notice on Sports Schools ***

Hockey Canada Sports Schools provide an alternative that some athletes and their parents may consider. If, after careful and due consideration, an athlete decides to attend an approved Hockey Canada Sports School, Hockey Edmonton and the South Side Athletic Club wish such athlete personal success.

Athletes who register with the South Side Athletic Club will be called upon to participate in the traditional tryout process this fall. If an athlete is released, that release process will follow Hockey Alberta sanctioned Alberta Development Model (ADM) for elite hockey. The ADM program dictates the next opportunity available to such an athlete.

If a registered or released athlete does not avail himself/herself of the opportunities available through the Hockey Alberta ADM, but rather chooses to depart for an approved Hockey Canada Sports School, SSAC will not, under any circumstances, transfer that athlete’s Hockey Canada registry file to such approved Hockey Canada Sports School.

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