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Alumni Scholarship FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions on the
South Side Athletic Club Alumni Scholarship

Do I have to live on the south side?

Yes. You may attend a High School on the north side of the city, but your permanent residence must be south of the North Saskatchewan River to be eligible for this Scholarship.

What post-secondary educational institutions are eligible for me to attend?

Any one of the colleges, technical institutions or universities in Edmonton where you can enroll as a full time student is acceptable.

Do I have to be registered as a full time student?

Yes you must attend as a full time student. Being registered in an Apprenticeship Program does not qualify you for this particular scholarship.

Do I have to play hockey for the SSAC to be eligible?

No. You are eligible if you played any sport in a recognized league during your grade 12 year of high school. This could be at your school, in the community or at a club.

If I have to go to summer school to graduate, am I still eligible?

Unfortunately, to grant this scholarship at this time, a Grade 12 student is required to be eligible to graduate in June.

What happens if I receive a SSAC Scholarship and do not attend a post-secondary institution in the fall after high school graduation?

You will not receive the scholarship. All scholarships must be given out in the fall after the spring high school graduation.

Do I need to continue on in my sport while I attend a post-secondary institution?

No. While we hope you have the opportunity to participate in your sport at the post-secondary level, maintaining an active lifestyle (participating in intramurals, working out, etc,) is acceptable.

How important are my marks?

You need to have a sufficient average to obtain entrance as a full time student in your selected post-secondary educational institution in September. The SSAC Alumni Scholarship is not an academic scholarship that is solely based on your marks. It is your commitment that is important to obtain the best marks of which you are capable.

What is meant by my contributions in terms of “giving back to my sport?”

Did you help out by officiating, organizing activities, time-keeping?
Did you fund raise?
Did you coach or assist coaches with younger athletes?
Did you do anything that made your sport a good place to be for other athletes?

What happens to my completed application?

Once you give the completed form, the two letters and your one page essay to your scholarship coordinator, the school will forward them to the selection committee of the SSAC Alumni. The decision reached by the committee will be final and your school will contact the Scholarship recipients.

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