Player Fees

2021-22 Tryout Information

U13 AA | U15 AAA/AA | U16 AAA/AA | U18 AAA/AA

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Registration June 14 – August 10 August 11 – onwards
U13 AA Tryout Fee $200 $300
U15 AAA/AA Tryout Fee $250 $350
U16 AAA/AA Tryout Fee $250 $350
U18 AAA/AA Tryout fee $250 $350



Registration Fees 

The 2021-2022 Registration Fees*

Category Registration Registration Fee Installment 1 –
At Registration
Installment 2 –
Due Oct 31
Installment 3 –
Due Nov 30
U13 AA $3200 $1600 $800 $800
U15 AA $3700 $1850  $925 $925
U15 AAA $4700 $2350  $1175 $1175
U16 AA $3700 $1850 $925 $925
U16 AAA $4900 $2450   $1225   $1225
U18 AA $3700 $1850 $925 $925
U18 AAA $6100 $3050  $1525   $1525

*The 2021-2022 fees are subject to change.

Fee Payments

For the 2021-2022 season families will have the option of 1 or 3 payments for the fees.

The first payment is due at the time of team registration.

If payment in full is chosen, the balance is due at team registration.

If installments is chosen, the first installment (50%) is due at team registration the following 2 installments will be due on October 31 (25%) and November 30 (25%).

During your online registration you can select payment by credit card, e-transfer, or cheque.

If you choose to pay by credit card, installments will automatically charge to your card on the dates listed.

If you choose to pay by e-transfer or cheque, please pay by chosen installment method with e-transfer or post dated cheques for the outlined dates and submit cheques at your team registration event.

Accepted methods of payments are VISA, MasterCard, E-Transfer or cheque.

The team is responsible for all team expenses including additional practice ice required over and above the allocation assigned to the team by the Club (approx. 2 practices per week). The Club has set a “cash call” ceiling of $300 per month to a maximum of $1500 per season. There is an expectation that teams will provide fund-raising opportunities to offset team fees or supplement a larger team budget.


Player Fee Summary

The Club tries to operate on a balanced budget each year and the Executive projects a budget of anticipated expenses and known revenues such as sponsors. Player registration fees are calculated to cover such expenses as

  • Game ice
  • Referee fees for league play and playoffs
  • Time Keepers
  • Trainers and supplies
  • Practice ice (approximately 2 practices per week or 3 for AAA)
  • Game jerseys and socks
  • Practice jerseys
  • One tournament entry fee for each team (Rogers OEG Cup for U13; JFM Pre-Season Series in September U15, U16, U18; U18AAA Pre-Season tournament)
  • Team photos
  • Banquet and awards
  • Travel – bus, hotel, meal allowance for league games out-of-town
  • Coaches honoriums
  • Coaching supplies
  • Coach apparel
  • Coaching Clinics and certification
  • Team Snap
  • Online video editing available
  • Club administration and facility maintenance
  • Hockey Edmonton, Hockey Alberta, and Hockey Canada fees
  • League fees
  • Player and coach insurance coverage
  • Player, goalie, and coach skill development programs
  • Player powerskating programs