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Hockey Edmonton Boundary Change


On March 19, 2020, the Hockey Edmonton Board approved new draw areas for all elite clubs in which CAC, KC, MLAC and SSAC are now revised to numerical parity at approximately the same player draw per club throughout Edmonton. 

Hockey Edmonton Elite Boundary Motion – Hockey Edmonton Directive Amendment 2.2 Elite Boundaries

SSAC Elite Boundary Letter – SSAC Boundary Letter

City Elite Boundary Map – Hockey Edmonton Clubs Draw Zone Map 2020-21

Club Community List for draw zones:
SSAC Communities Draw – SSAC Communities List
CAC Communities Draw – CAC Communities List
KC Communities Draw – KC Communities List
MLAC Communities Draw – MLAC Communities List

City of Edmonton – Ward & Communities Map

Grandfather & Transition Provisions – Hockey Edmonton Elite Boundaries – Grand Fathering

Grandfather declaration to continue playing for SSAC as returning player from 2019-20 season if residency in new boundary area – TBA
*** All eligible grandfathered players must declare return to SSAC as prior resident club by May 1, 2020 ***

Frequently Asked Questions – SSAC Boundaries FAQ

U18 AAA | MAAA Team Formation & Tryouts

Following a review of the 2019-20 program, team formation and tryouts for Hockey Edmonton’s three male U18 AAA teams have been adapted. Outlined below are the changes approved to date.

Club Based

  • Tryouts for the three male U18 AAA teams will be club based – at CAC, MLAC and SSAC who are the three clubs who will be operating the Hockey Edmonton U18 AAA teams in 2020-21
  • All 2020-21 eligible KC U18 AAA players will tryout with the MLAC U18 AAA team

Hockey Edmonton U18 AAA Bulletin – April 16, 2020

U18 AAA | MAAA tryouts return to the home club this season. Resident players tryout at their respective resident clubs.

  • SSAC player residents register at SSAC
  • CAC player residents register at CAC
  • KC and MLAC player residents register at MLAC

There will no longer be a city wide tryout and full city draft selection process. However, Player Movement as per Alberta Development Model remains for up to 3 club tryouts at U18 AAA based on eligibility.

For more information, contact:



Hockey Edmonton and Elite Hockey Management Committee (EHMC) under guidance of Alberta Development Model (ADM) Committee agree to adjust and modify Elite boundaries to fair and approximately equal draw zone areas for all City Clubs effective 2020-21 season.

As per ADM directive, Edmonton contracts from 4 to 3 Midget AAA (U18) teams. Team selection process based on full open boundary draft city wide regardless of club residency. Head coaches selected by specially appointed Hockey Edmonton Coach Committee. Open boundary tryouts for entire city for those registered specifically for Midget AAA.

The Male ADM programs of play operate under the direction of the EHMC whose membership comprise of city clubs, Hockey Edmonton representatives and at-large members.

Midget AAA Program

Peewee AA to be operated by all City Clubs, adding MLAC and SSAC starting 2020-21 season.
CAC and KC continue to oversee Peewee AA teams.



Hockey Edmonton and the 4 City Clubs agree in principle to adjust and modify Elite boundaries to fair and equitable player draw.

Peewee AA transitions from North West Zone to CAC for 2018-19 season. KC continues to oversee Peewee AA program.
South West Zone and North West Zone both respectively continue operating Peewee AA teams.



Effective 2016-17, Mill Woods (SEZ) resident players now register for MLAC tryouts in AAA/AA club hockey:

1) Mill Woods (SEZ) Midget 1999, 2000 and 2001 born players register with the Maple Leaf Athletic Club (MLAC) with the exception of those who played for a South Side Athletic Club (SSAC) team in 2015-16.

2) Mill Woods (SEZ) Bantam 2002 and 2003 born players register with the Maple Leaf Athletic Club (MLAC) inclusive of all those that played with a South Side Athletic Club (SSAC) team or any other club in 2015-16 with the exception of those protected by a grandfathered sibling player agreement.

3) Bantam AAA teams will be formed from combining club tryouts:

(a) MLAC and SSAC will hold a joint open tryout to draft two teams – players play for either MLAC or SSAC regardless of residence.

(b) CAC and KC will hold a joint open tryout to draft two teams – players play for either CAC or KC regardless of residence.

4) As per ADM (Alberta Development Model), AAA players that played for another club during the 2015-16 season will return to their resident club SSAC if they played for SSAC in 2014-15.

For detailed information, please read Hockey Edmonton bulletin.

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