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Bantam AA Barbecue Country
Bantam AA Pro Hockey Life
Bantam AA Tommy Gun’s
Bantam AAA Innovation Physical Therapy Lions

Minor Midget AA Cameron Homes Mustangs
Minor Midget AA Dolce Vita Homes

Minor Midget AAA United Cycle Bulldogs
Midget AA Canadian Brewhouse
Midget AA Don Wheaton
Midget AAA Boston Pizza Athletics

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Bantam AA Alberta Sportswear

1SunOct 0120:1522:30G01 - Sportswearvs CAC Klondike CycleMill Woods B
2TueOct 0318:3020:00Practice1.5 hrTerwillegar C
3WedOct 0420:1522:30G02 - Sportswearat St Albert BearsGo Auto
4FriOct 0618:4519:45Practice1.0 hrTerwillegar D
5SatOct 0719:3021:45G03 - Sportswearat PAC TimberwolvesTri Leisure North
6ThuOct 1220:4521:45Practice1.0 hrMill Woods A
7FriOct 13SunOct 15TournamentCamrose Bantam AA TournamentEncana
8TueOct 1720:1521:15Practice1.0 hrTerwillegar C
9FriOct 2020:0021:00Practice1.0 hrTerwillegar D
10SatOct 2119:4522:00G04 - Sportswearvs St Albert BluesConfederation
11TueOct 2418:3020:00Practice1.5 hrTerwillegar C
12FriOct 2720:0021:00Practice1.0 hrTerwillegar D
13SunOct 2920:0022:15G05 - Sportswearvs SSAC Innovation PhysioMill Woods A
14TueOct 3119:3021:00Practice1.5 hrConfederation
15SatNov 0418:1519:15Practice1.0 hrMeadows West


Bantam AA Barbecue Country

1MonOct 0220:1521:15Practice1.0 hrKenilworth
2ThuOct 0520:4521:45Practice1.0 hrMill Woods A
3FriOct 0619:4522:00G02 - Barbecueat CAC Golden ArrowCallingwood A
4SatOct 0717:1519:30G03 - Barbecuevs St Albert BearsMill Woods B
5TueOct 1018:3020:00Practice1.5 hrTerwillegar C
6FriOct 1320:1522:15G04 - Barbecueat MLAC AlumniKenilworth
7SatOct 1418:1519:15Practice1.0 hrMeadows West
8TueOct 1721:0022:00Practice1.0 hrTipton
9FriOct 2018:4519:45Practice1.0 hrTerwillegar D
10SatOct 2117:1519:30G05 - Barbecuevs Leduc RoughnecksMill Woods B
11TueOct 2420:1521:15Practice1.0 hrTerwillegar C
12ThuOct 2620:4521:45Practice1.0 hrMill Woods A
13SatOct 2817:3019:45G06 - Barbecuevs Strathcona WarriorsMill Woods A
14SunOct 2919:3021:45G07 - Barbecueat KC ShamrocksKinsmen B
15TueOct 3119:3021:00Practice1.5 hrMill Woods B
16FriNov 0318:4519:45Practice1.0 hrTerwillegar D
17SatNov 0419:4522:00G08 - Barbecuevs PAC TimberwolvesConfederation


Bantam AA Innovation Physio

1TueOct 0320:1521:15Practice1.0 hrTerwillegar C
2ThuOct 0520:3022:00Practice1.5 hrMill Woods B
3SatOct 0718:1519:15Practice1.0 hrMeadows West
4SunOct 0820:0022:15G02 - Innovationvs KC ShamrocksMill Woods A
5TueOct 1020:1521:15Practice1.0 hrTerwillegar C
6WedOct 1121:0022:00Practice1.0 hrSouth Side
7FriOct 1318:4519:45Practice1.0 hrTerwillegar D
8SatOct 1417:0019:15G03 - Innovationat Leduc RoughnecksSobeys
9SunOct 1520:0022:15G04 - Innovationvs St Albert BearsMill Woods A
10TueOct 1718:3020:00Practice1.5 hrTerwillegar C
11ThuOct 1920:4521:45Practice1.0 hrMill Woods A
12SatOct 2117:3019:45G05 - Innovationvs MLAC AlumniMill Woods A
13TueOct 2421:0022:00Practice1.0 hrTipton
14FriOct 2718:4519:45Practice1.0 hrTerwillegar D
15SatOct 2817:1519:30G06 - Innovationvs Camrose BulldogsMill Woods B
16SunOct 2920:0022:15G07 - Innovationat SSAC Alberta SportswearMill Woods A
17TueOct 3117:4519:15Practice1.5 hrConfederation
18ThuNov 0220:4521:45Practice1.0 hrMill Woods A
19SatNov 0417:3019:45G08 - Innovationvs Strathcona WarriorsMill Woods A


Bantam AAA Southgate Lions

1MonOct 0220:4522:15Practice1.5 hrMill Woods B
2TueOct 0320:0022:15G04 - Southgatevs Sherwood Park United Cycle FlyersTerwillegar A
3WedOct 0419:4520:45Practice1.0 hrTipton
4SatOct 0714:4517:00G05 - Southgatevs Calgary RoyalsConfederation
5MonOct 0913:3014:45Practice1.25 hrTerwillegar C
6TueOct 1020:0022:15G06 - Southgatevs Knights of Columbus SquiresTerwillegar A
7WedOct 1119:4520:45Practice1.0 hrTipton
8FriOct 1319:1520:45Practice1.5 hrKinsmen B
9SatOct 1414:4517:00G07 - Southgatevs Calgary Northstar SabresConfederation
10MonOct 1620:4522:15Practice1.5 hrMill Woods B
11TueOct 1720:0022:15G08 - Southgatevs MLAC Scott PumpTerwillegar A
12WedOct 1819:4520:45Practice1.0 hrTipton
13FriOct 2019:1520:45Practice1.5 hrKinsmen B
14SatOct 2113:0015:15G09 - Southgateat Lloydminster Fountain Tire BobcatsHolmes
15SunOct 2212:1514:30G10 - Southgateat Fort Saskatchewan RangersJubilee
16MonOct 2320:4522:15Practice1.5 hrMill Woods B
17WedOct 2519:4520:45Practice1.0 hrTipton
18FriOct 2720:1522:30G11 - Southgatevs CAC Lehigh CementCallingwood B
19SatOct 2819:3020:30Practice1.0 hrMeadows West
20MonOct 3020:4522:15Practice1.5 hrMill Woods B
21TueOct 3120:0022:15G12 - Southgatevs Leduc Tarpon Oil KingsTerwillegar A
22WedNov 0119:4520:45Practice1.0 hrTipton
23FriNov 0319:1521:30G13 - Southgatevs Camrose Red WingsMill Woods A
24SatNov 0419:3020:30Practice1.0 hrMeadows West


Minor Midget AA APD ACDelco Mustangs

1MonOct 0220:0021:00Practice1.0 hrConfederation
2ThuOct 0521:0022:00Practice1.0 hrTipton
3SatOct 0719:3020:30Practice1.0 hrMeadows West
4TueOct 1020:1522:30G01 - APD ACDelcoat St Albert RoyalsAkinsdale
5WedOct 1121:0022:00Practice1.0 hrTipton
6ThuOct 1220:0022:15G02 - APD ACDelcovs PAC SaintsTerwillegar A
7FriOct 1320:0021:00Practice1.0 hrTerwillegar D
8MonOct 1620:1522:30G03 - APD ACDelcoat SSAC Dolce Vita HomesMill Woods A
9WedOct 1820:0022:15G04 - APD ACDelcovs Strathcona WarriorsTerwillegar D
10ThuOct 1921:0022:00Practice1.0 hrTipton
11SatOct 2118:1519:15Practice1.0 hrMeadows West
12SunOct 2216:3018:45G05 - APD ACDelcoat Hockey Central PanthersLacombe Barnett
13WedOct 2521:0022:00Practice1.0 hrTipton
14FriOct 2719:1520:45Practice1.5 hrKinsmen B
15WedNov 0120:0022:15G06 - APD ACDelcovs SPKAC TAHK Projects SenatorsTerwillegar D
16ThuNov 0221:0022:00Practice1.0 hrTipton
17FriNov 0320:0021:00Practice1.0 hrTerwillegar D
18SatNov 0419:3021:45G07 - APD ACDelcoat CAC Volvo of EdmontonCallingwood A


Minor Midget AA Dolce Vita Homes

1TueOct 0321:0022:00Practice1.0 hrSouth Side
2WedOct 0421:0022:00Practice1.0 hrTipton
3FriOct 0620:0021:00Practice1.0 hrTerwillegar D
4SunOct 0816:0018:15G01 - Dolce Vitavs Hockey Central PanthersConfederation
5WedOct 1120:0022:15G02 - Dolce Vitavs MLAC Lenbeth Weeping TileMill Woods A
6ThuOct 1221:0022:00Practice1.0 hrTipton
7SatOct 1419:3020:30Practice1.0 hrMeadows West
8MonOct 1620:1522:30G03 - Dolce Vitavs SSAC APD ACDelco MustangsMill Woods A
9WedOct 1821:0022:00Practice1.0 hrTipton
10ThuOct 1920:1522:30G04 - Dolce Vitaat St Albert RoyalsGo Auto
11SatOct 2119:3020:30Practice1.0 hrMeadows West
12WedOct 2520:0022:15G05 - Dolce Vitavs SPKAC TAHK Projects SenatorsTerwillegar D
13ThuOct 2621:0022:00Practice1.0 hrTipton
14SatOct 2818:1519:15Practice1.0 hrMeadows West
15SunOct 2912:3014:45G06 - Dolce Vitavs PAC SaintsConfederation
16WedNov 0121:0022:00Practice1.0 hrTipton
17FriNov 0319:1520:45Practice1.5 hrKinsmen B
18SatNov 0415:0017:15G07 - Dolce Vitaat Red Deer TBS ChiefsKinex


Minor Midget AAA United Cycle Bulldogs

1SunOct 0117:3019:45G02 - Bulldogsvs MLAC Elite SportswearMill Woods A
2MonOct 0220:4522:15Practice1.5 hrTerwillegar A
3TueOct 0320:3022:00Practice1.5 hrTerwillegar B
4ThuOct 0520:1522:30G03 - Bulldogsat Sherwood Park NIC SquiresSherwood Park
5FriOct 0619:1520:45Practice1.5 hrKinsmen B
6MonOct 0911:4513:15Practice1.5 hrTerwillegar C
7TueOct 1020:3022:00Practice1.5 hrTerwillegar B
8ThuOct 1220:3022:00Practice1.5 hrMill Woods B
9SatOct 1419:4522:00G04 - Bulldogsvs Rockyview RaidersConfederation
10SunOct 1513:3015:45G05 - Bulldogsat Leduc Techmation Oil KingsSobeys
11MonOct 1620:1521:15Practice1.0 hrKenilworth
12TueOct 1720:3022:00Practice1.5 hrTerwillegar B
13SatOct 2117:1519:30G06 - Bulldogsvs Grande Peace StormConfederation
14SunOct 2217:1519:30G07 - Bulldogsat Fort Saskatchewan RangersJubilee
15MonOct 2320:1521:15Practice1.0 hrKenilworth
16TueOct 2420:3022:00Practice1.5 hrTerwillegar B
17ThuOct 2620:3022:00Practice1.5 hrMill Woods B
18FriOct 2720:0022:15G08 - Bulldogsvs KC CentennialsMill Woods A
19SunOct 2915:0017:15G09 - Bulldogsvs Camrose CDAC Red WingsEncana
20MonOct 3020:1521:15Practice1.0 hrKenilworth
21TueOct 3120:3022:00Practice1.5 hrTerwillegar B
22ThuNov 0220:3022:00Practice1.5 hrMill Woods B
23FriNov 0320:0022:15G10 - Bulldogsvs Sherwood Park NIC SquiresMill Woods A
24SatNov 0417:1519:30G11 - Bulldogsvs Camrose CDAC Red WingsConfederation


Midget AA Don Wheaton

1MonOct 0220:1522:30G02 - Wheatonat MLAC LeafsMill Woods A
2TueOct 0321:0022:00Practice1.0 hrTipton
3ThuOct 0521:0022:15Practice1.25 hrMeadows West
4SatOct 0717:1519:30G03 - Wheatonat SSAC Lakewood ChevroletConfederation
5MonOct 0913:3014:45Practice1.25 hrTerwillegar B
6WedOct 1121:1522:15Practice1.0 hrKinsmen B
7SatOct 1414:3015:30Practice1.0 hrDowntown
8SunOct 1516:0018:15G04 - Wheatonvs CAC Butchers & PackersConfederation
9MonOct 1620:4522:15Practice1.5 hrTerwillegar A
10WedOct 1821:1522:15Practice1.0 hrKinsmen B
11SunOct 2216:0018:15G05 - Wheatonvs Wainwright Polar KingsConfederation
12MonOct 2320:4522:15Practice1.5 hrTerwillegar A
13WedOct 2521:1522:15Practice1.0 hrKinsmen B
14SatOct 2814:4517:00G06 - Wheatonvs Leduc RoughnecksConfederation
15SunOct 2920:0022:15G07 - Wheatonat St Albert BluesMark Messier
16MonOct 3020:4522:15Practice1.5 hrTerwillegar A
17WedNov 0121:1522:15Practice1.0 hrKinsmen B


Midget AA Lakewood Chevrolet

1MonOct 0221:3022:30Practice1.0 hrKenilworth
2TueOct 0320:3022:45G02 - Lakewoodat St Albert BluesMark Messier
3WedOct 0421:1522:15Practice1.0 hrKinsmen B
4FriOct 0620:3021:30Practice1.0 hrNAIT
5SatOct 0717:1519:30G03 - Lakewoodvs SSAC Don WheatonConfederation
6MonOct 0911:4513:15Practice1.5 hrTerwillegar B
7TueOct 1021:0022:00Practice1.0 hrTipton
8ThuOct 1220:1522:30G04 - Lakewoodat CAC Butchers & PackersCallingwood A
9MonOct 1621:3022:30Practice1.0 hrKenilworth
10ThuOct 1921:0022:15Practice1.25 hrMeadows West
11FriOct 2019:4522:00G05 - Lakewoodat KC ColtsClareview A
12SatOct 2114:4517:00G06 - Lakewoodvs MLAC LeafsConfederation
13MonOct 2321:3022:30Practice1.0 hrKenilworth
14ThuOct 2621:0022:15Practice1.25 hrMeadows West
15FriOct 2720:4523:00G07 - Lakewoodat Strathcona ACT WarriorsOlympiette
16SatOct 2817:1519:30G08 - Lakewoodvs Camrose VikingsConfederation
17MonOct 3021:3022:30Practice1.0 hrKenilworth
18ThuNov 0221:0022:15Practice1.25 hrMeadows West
19SatNov 0414:4517:00G09 - Lakewoodvs Beaumont BravesConfederation


Midget AAA Boston Pizza Athletics

1SunOct 0114:1516:30G02 - BP Athleticsvs Lloydminster Bandit Energy BobcatsBill Hunter
2TueOct 0320:4522:15Practice1.5 hrKinsmen B
3WedOct 0421:0022:00Practice1.0 hrSouth Side
4FriOct 0618:0019:00Practice1.0 hrKinsmen B
5SatOct 0719:0021:15G03 - BP Athleticsat Airdrie CFR BisonsRon Ebbesen
6SunOct 0814:3016:45G04 - BP Athleticsat Calgary NorthstarsMax Bell
7TueOct 1020:4522:15Practice1.5 hrKinsmen B
8WedOct 1119:0021:15G05 - BP Athleticsvs Canadian Olympic Women's TeamBill Hunter
9ThuOct 1221:0022:15Practice1.25 hrMeadows West
10FriOct 1318:0019:00Practice1.0 hrKinsmen B
11SatOct 1414:3016:45G06 - BP Athleticsvs Fort Saskatchewan Boston Pizza RangersBill Hunter
12SunOct 1515:0017:15G07 - BP Athleticsat Grande Peace Ernies Sports StormChris McMillan
13TueOct 1720:4522:15Practice1.5 hrKinsmen B
14WedOct 1821:0022:00Practice1.0 hrSouth Side
15FriOct 2018:0019:00Practice1.0 hrKinsmen B
16SatOct 2117:0019:15G08 - BP Athleticsvs Calgary NorthstarsBill Hunter
17SunOct 2211:4514:00G09 - BP Athleticsvs MLAC Beverly OptimistsBill Hunter
18TueOct 2420:4522:15Practice1.5 hrKinsmen B
19WedOct 2521:0022:00Practice1.0 hrSouth Side
20FriOct 2718:0019:00Practice1.0 hrKinsmen B
21SatOct 2814:3016:45G10 - BP Athleticsvs Airdrie CFR BisonsBill Hunter
22SunOct 2914:1516:30G11 - BP Athleticsat Knights of Columbus PatsBill Hunter
23TueOct 3119:4521:15Practice1.5 hrMill Woods A
24WedNov 0121:0022:00Practice1.0 hrSouth Side
25FriNov 0318:0019:00Practice1.0 hrKinsmen B
26SatNov 0414:1516:30G12 - BP Athleticsvs Calgary RoyalsGo Auto