Coach Application

SSAC Coach Application PDF

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Coach Application

All Coach applications must include the following:

1] Submission of Hockey Résumé including the following information:

  1. Playing History
  2. Coaching History
  3. Coaching Awards/Achievements
  4. Coaching Credentials (NCCP and others)
  5. Professional Development participation
    (past and future).

2] Submission of 3 Qualified References.

3] Submission of proposed Coach Staff
(including same Hockey Résumé credentials listed above).

4] Submission of 3 Practice Plans
(one Technical, one Tactical, one Systematic)

5] Submission of respective Seasonal Plan for 2019-20 season – must include the following components:

Physical, Mental, Life Skills, Technical.

6] Submission/Completion of Coach Application Questionnaire.

Be prepared to discuss questions, answers and any of the above with Coach Selection Committee.


Coach Questionnaire

1] What is your Coaching Philosophy?

2] If you were to obtain a Coaching position, what would your goals/vision be for your respective team?

3] How will you organize your Coach Staff in terms of roles, responsibilities, duties, etc.)?

4] What type of team/players would you be looking to select? Please explain your potential draft strategy/plan.

5] How would the Coach Staff create a competitive environment where your athletes are accountable, professional, and motivated?

6] Physical: During previous seasons, how have you incorporated “Physical” components to create an environment for success?

7] Mental: What are some of the “Mental” challenges you may have to address/overcome with elite-level athletes?

8] Technical: How you would teach elite-level athletes an effective Power Play.

9] Life Skills: Please explain the importance of Team Building and how you and your Coach Staff will utilize in-season Team Building to create an environment for success?

Be prepared to discuss the above and other topics with the Coach Selection Committee. 


Send full submission to: