The South Side Athletic Club board meets monthly.

The Annual General Meeting is generally held the fourth Monday in April at the Clubhouse.
As members of the SSAC, all parents are encouraged to attend the AGM.

SSAC Board Executive 2023-24

ExecutiveMember EMailSinceYearsPhone
PresidentTed Boomer201012780-717-0654
Vice President
Justin Richards200310780-717-7725
Nathan Schmidt20221780-718-3433
Apparel DirectorDavid Roethlingshoefer200320780-231-1985
Equipment DirectorCraig Gaunt20167780-914-0015
Ice AllocatorBernie Coderre199132780-984-9097
Marketing / Sponsors DirectorBasia Braaksma20212780-975-2955
Registrar *Melissa Heayn20185780-265-3178
SecretaryArlene Walker20221780-
Tournament DirectorDavid Roethlingshoefer200320780-231-1985
TreasurerPeter Mah20203780-940-5895
U13 AA Director ATB WealthBrian Hudkins20221780-722-3755
U13 AA Director Traxx CoachlinesBrian Hudkins20221780-722-3755
U15 AA Director Innovation PhysioErin Danforth20212780-264-2362
U15 AA Director Pro Hockey LifeErin Danforth20212780-264-2362
U15 AAA Director Southgate LionsRoy Patter201112780-721-6071
U16 AA Director Cameron HomesJustin Richards200310780-717-7725
U17 AAA Director United Sport & Cycle BulldogsJustin Richards200310780-717-7725
U18 AA Director Don WheatonLandon Breakwell200316780-686-2628
Mental Health
Tawana McLeod2023-780-238-7853
Director-at-LargeRob Lee200715780-920-5985
Director-at-LargeRich Coyle200716780-918-5741
Bookkeeper *Anita Lee20185780-437-4097
Coach Development *Nathan Papirny200616587-785-2115
Hockey Operations Manager *Will Jang200320780-437-3098

* Ex-officio non-voting contributors
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